Nicolette Eus, Clinical Hypnotherapist

My intention is to help my clients achieve their goals, so they can thrive and experience better health and happiness.

Find Your Path

Replace limiting beliefs with new, positive thought patterns, so you can refocus and create the life you want to lead

Yoga for the Mind

You have the power to make positive changes to your thought patterns and create a more joyful and fulfilling life

Listen to Your Inner Child

You can learn to release negative thoughts and beliefs that may be holding you back

Feel Liberated, Reconnected and Free

With Nicolette's 3-Step Hypnotherapy Plan, focus will be directed to you finding ways to make positive change and action in your life.

Meet Nicolette Eus

I recognize and value the synchronicity of life, and feel that my life’s experiences have led me to the path of Hypnotherapy and exploring the power of the mind

About Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis helps you gain access and rediscover strengths and resources you may not be aware of. With this insight, you build bridges to the goals you want to achieve

Guided Imagery Series

A Nicolette Eus original guided imagery relaxation album is available on CD Baby & iTunes

Guided Meditations

Nicolette shares her favorite audio meditations that help activate your personal power

Nicolette Eus' 3-Step Hypnotherapy Plan

Get started on a path to happiness, success and confidence with just 3 sessions

Latest Blog

Hello and Happy Thanksgiving! Yes, it’s Sunday, but heck, when I come across an article like this, I want to share it immediately. I LOVE the quote ‘Detours are where growth happens.’……. Well, that changes everything, don’t you think? 🙂 Here’s to seeing life’s detours in a whole new way and enjoying the ride!

This morning, I had the pleasure of listening to this beautiful meditation (Deepak has such a reassuring & calming voice) and thought that you might enjoy it, too. Activating our personal power – acknowledging it and reclaiming it when we’ve given it away.  It’s part of life, part of the flow and when embraced, sure […]

Even as a kid – or maybe ESPECIALLY as a kid, Patience was never one of my virtues.  No matter how many times my mom would look at me, exasperated….. and say ‘Nicolette, be patient.’…… I never seemed to get it through my skull that I could NOT control the outcome of things.  I was […]

Have you ever noticed how when you’re stressed, you sometimes forget to breathe?  Yep, me, too.  It’s important to find a way back to breathing fully – and sometimes we need a guide to get there. I’ve just listened to this 7 minute recording and found it a helpful, gentle and elegant tool to feel […]

Giving because you want to creates an abundant echo – and just like an echo is heard by many and returns to the sender – giving from a place of kindness benefits you, the person receiving the kindness and anyone else lucky enough to have witnessed it. Check out what Wayne Dyer has to say […]