Infertility. It can feel isolating, depressing, frustrating, frightening and overwhelming to say the least. When we feel reluctant to talk about it with friends, family and even loved ones, it can do serious damage to relationships and our self esteem.  And, if we’re labeled as ‘infertile’ by a healthcare provider, or feel pressured by friends/family/culture/the […]

Creating positive change in your life is absolutely possible and it’s up to you. Sometimes we need a bit of help or support in the form of a nudge or helpful hints. Here are a few tips to help when you’re making any positive change – and yes, that includes New Year Resolutions. 3 Tips […]

Welcome to December.  It’s often a hectic month of varied emotions – some of them positive, and others that we’re not so proud of. Who hasn’t had a moment of exasperation in a line-up, a traffic jam or a crowded store?   Who hasn’t thought – ‘Aaack – I need some relief from this upsetting feeling.’  […]