It can feel isolating, depressing, frustrating, frightening and overwhelming to say the least. When we feel reluctant to talk about it with friends, family and even loved ones, it can do serious damage to relationships and our self esteem.  And, if we’re labeled as ‘infertile’ by a healthcare provider, or feel pressured by friends/family/culture/the media it can feel even worse.

In my practice, I work with many women who feel they are at the end of their emotional rope when it comes to their fertility.  They’ve been poked and prodded, been to all the doctors, had all the tests and still  – for no explainable or physical reason, they remain infertile.  Left made to feel lacking or limited they blame themselves or feel guilty and hyper-critical about their timing and life-choices (ie career path, birth control, miscarriage, abortion, diet, exercise, etc).  This creates even more self-judgement, isolation, sadness and stress.

They see pregnant women everywhere – quickly walk past kids playing in parks  – and every time they do, it’s a reminder of what they don’t have. They feel even sadder – more angry and resentful at the injustice of it all; they’re at a loss of what else they can do to feel whole and happy. 

If this is how you feel please know that you are not alone.  And, this is not something you have to carry on your own.  There are caring professionals who will work with you to find ways to encourage your fertility and wellness.

An example is this article – how one woman used Hypnotherapy to help reclaim her fertility and confidence.  Her journey is heart-felt and her courage is inspiring.  And yes – full disclosure – she was a client of mine.

I don’t claim to have all the answers – but I can help.   With gentle guidance, you can take steps to move out of the dark feelings of isolation and hopelessness towards more peace, compassion and joy.