Creating positive change in your life is absolutely possible and it’s up to you. Sometimes we need a bit of help or support in the form of a nudge or helpful hints.

Here are a few tips to help when you’re making any positive change – and yes, that includes New Year Resolutions.

3 Tips to Making Positive Change

  1. Make the goal achievable in a realistic amount of time.  Write it down – present tense, 1st person and positive.  For example:  ‘On  or before July 31st, 2016, I have read three books that are on my reading list’ (or other completed goal).  Or, if it’s a health oriented goal…. ‘On, or before March 31, 2016, I easily walk 10,000 steps, daily.’
  1. Find a way to measure your progress (even if it’s 1% progress – that’s progress).  That can be in millimeters, dollars, distance, days, abundance, success, elevation, weight, numbers, or any other way you can think of.  When you see the positive movement toward your goal you’ll feel impelled to continue.  For more on this proven theory, watch this terrific video.       On a regular basis (ie daily or weekly) check your progress and make note of it.  Celebrate your progress and milestones.
  1. If the goal is big – chunk it down and make the pieces or steps achievable (see #1 and #2 above)

3 Ways to Stay on Track and Feel Motivated

  1. Imagine 3 benefits you’ll experience when you’ve achieved your goal.  Write them down.  Add to the list at any time; re-read the list daily (or even better – post them somewhere you’ll see them throughout the day).
  1. Imagine how positively your life will be different when you’ve achieved your goal – wow – imagine that!  How will you know when you’ve achieved your goal – what will it look like?  What will it feel like?  What will you say to yourself?  What do you imagine the response of others (your friends/family) will be when you’ve achieved your goal? Write all of this down; point form is a great way to begin.
  1. Tell someone you trust what your goal is and ask them to help you stay focused. Ask for their support – ask them to help you add to the list of benefits (above) or ways that your life will be positively different.  Ask them what they’d say to you when you achieve your goal.  Ask them to help you celebrate when you reach certain milestones

Be kind, gentle and patient with yourself through this process.  Remember that positive reinforcement is one of the more successful ways to learn and change.  You are creating new ways, new habits, new pathways for yourself.  You may stumble and that’s ok.  No one is perfect.  Clarify your goal & course-correct.  Get yourself back on track.  Take action.  Keep going.

And, if you find yourself resisting – notice where, when and how that’s happening.  There are clues to be found in that, too.  Of course, if you feel you need professional help – reach out – there are many excellent practitioners who are available, in group or individual settings.

Ultimately, you are doing this for yourself – improving your life, your health, your relationships and overall well-being.  You deserve to thrive; to be happy, healthy and enjoy an abundant life.

Here’s to your success.  Happy New Year!