Nicolette Eus, Clinical Hypnotherapist

My intention is to help my clients achieve their goals, so they can thrive and experience better health and happiness.

Find Your Path

Replace limiting beliefs with new, positive thought patterns, so you can refocus and create the life you want to lead

Yoga for the Mind

You have the power to make positive changes to your thought patterns and create a more joyful and fulfilling life

Listen to Your Inner Child

You can learn to release negative thoughts and beliefs that may be holding you back

Feel Liberated, Reconnected and Free

With Nicolette's 3-Step Hypnotherapy Plan, focus will be directed to you finding ways to make positive change and action in your life.

Meet Nicolette Eus

I recognize and value the synchronicity of life, and feel that my life’s experiences have led me to the path of Hypnotherapy and exploring the power of the mind

About Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis helps you gain access and rediscover strengths and resources you may not be aware of. With this insight, you build bridges to the goals you want to achieve

Guided Imagery Series

A Nicolette Eus original guided imagery relaxation album is available on CD Baby & iTunes

Guided Meditations

Nicolette shares her favorite audio meditations that help activate your personal power

Nicolette Eus' 3-Step Hypnotherapy Plan

Get started on a path to happiness, success and confidence with just 3 sessions

Latest Blog

Full disclosure – I’m having a blue day. No reason I can come up with – ok, maybe one. And it’s not helping that I am beating myself up about it – feeling frustrated (and disappointed) with myself about feeling blue. When does the teeter of sadness shift to the totter of joy? Where is […]

This week, I’m in Northern California with my husband.  He’s at a conference, so I had the day and the car to myself.  I went out on my own for a drive with no destination in mind.  There are some small towns nearby and lots of vineyards; I don’t know the area at all, but […]

Ha – bet you’re wondering about that title. Well, the experience goes back about a year, but I was reminded of it recently during a conversation with someone – we were talking about what to do with annoying mind-chatter during mindfulness practices like meditation or yoga. I love Hatha Yoga – have been practicing for […]