Recently, I’ve been speaking with people who are searching for a deeper purpose in their life. They feel dissatisfied with their careers; no matter how much success they’ve experienced, they feel unfulfilled, without purpose or simply bored. They feel like there must be more, but are’t sure how to unravel their identity from their work. […]

Giving because you want to creates an abundant echo – and just like an echo is heard by many and returns to the sender – giving from a place of kindness benefits you, the person receiving the kindness and anyone else lucky enough to have witnessed it. Check out what Wayne Dyer has to say […]

Full disclosure – I’m having a blue day. No reason I can come up with – ok, maybe one. And it’s not helping that I am beating myself up about it – feeling frustrated (and disappointed) with myself about feeling blue. When does the teeter of sadness shift to the totter of joy? Where is […]