So often Valentine’s Day is a time where we are either busy doing something for someone else (so they’ll feel loved) or waiting for someone to give us something that shows us we are loved.

How about this Valentine’s Day you celebrate a new love – YOU!

Louise Hay has some affirmations (see link below) – and a heartfelt suggestion….. one that I must admit I really have to consciously work at.  Here’s her Valentine to us:

Stop criticizing yourself—now and forevermore.

Ack – Easier said than done, but I think with practice we can get better and better at it.  Don’t you?  One way is to begin to be more compassionate and kind to ourselves in words & actions.

We can start with giving ourselves permission to do something nice for ourself today (and then the next day and the next).  Try this – Do one thing a day that makes you smile or feel good.  That could be a quiet moment alone, enjoying a cup of delicious tea, reading a good book, meditating, engaging in a fun activity, spending time in nature, listening to a favourite song, doing something you love to do, allowing yourself to be pampered or receiving a gift graciously.

Begin to fall in love with yourself.   Or, at least  in ‘like’.  Whether it’s like or love – find 1 thing about yourself (a trait, capability, attribute, skill or the fact you have beautiful eyes) that you admire and own it.  Admit it – you have loveable qualities.  Yes, you do.  We all do.  Of course, none of us are perfect – and that’s OK!   With practice, you’ll find & recognize more and more of these loveable traits and accepting of the others.

And as Louise also says:

Love and accept yourself as you are right now.  When you do, you’ll blossom in ways that you can’t even imagine. Love will heal you, I promise. Your love for yourself will work miracles in your life.

Here’s to love in all of it’s forms.  Happy Valentine’s Day!