This story touched me the first time I saw it, and no matter how many times I see it – I find myself with tears in my eyes.

It’s such a simple and elegant message of kindness- from a 4 year old boy.
Every person that hears his story and sees his exuberance is changed – you can see it on their faces.

Our protective shields are down when we watch it – maybe it’s because we know, some how, that since it’s a child, the intention is sincere, pure and innocent.

I guess our life’s painful experiences lead us down a road of creating protective layers, walls and barriers, all with the hope we will avoid future hurt…. but what we forget is that when we do that, we also keep out the beauty, love and pure joy of life. We think that by hardening our heart, we are safer, but we’re not. All we’re doing is closing ourselves off from experiencing a deeper connection with those around us, when that’s what we truly want.

This little boy reminds me of how important it is to stay open-hearted.

Maybe we can start by simply softening our protective layers, lowering the drawbridge, draining the moat, opening the door and letting in some kindness, compassion, joy and love. Try that today – maybe it starts with making a phone call, writing a note, or knocking on the door; saying hello, saying thank you, reconnecting, forgiving, rebuilding, reuniting.

Maybe it’s time to knock down the wall and build a bridge. Bridgephoto